April 15th is Tax Day, and on that day, thousands of patriots are gathering across the country to make their voices heard for the Tax Day Tea Party movement. Will you be one of those patriots?

This movement is not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It’s not about sex, race, or age. This is about Americans who are fed up: fed up with the unsustainable borrowing and spending going on in Washington. It’s about Americans who are fed up with the idea of saddling future generations with trillions of dollars of debt. It’s about Americans who believe that their voices should be heard by politicians in Washington who claim to represent us. It’s about Americans who are tired of tightening their belts and making sacrifices every day, while out-of-touch politicians in Washington are not only not sharing in the sacrifice, but spending like Marie Antoinette as if there was no tomorrow. These are not professional protestors, but everyday Americans who want to take a stand.

It’s time to take a stand.

First Coast residents, stand together April 15th at the Tax Day Tea Party at the Jacksonville Landing. Festivities start at 12:00 and are scheduled to continue through 1:30 or later. We have a great line-up of speakers, including:

  • Congressman Ander Crenshaw
  • Dr. Jim Nealis, WOKV radio host
  • Rick Scott, CEO of Conservatives for Patient’s Rights
  • blogger Cassy Fiano
  • DAR Good Citizen Award recipient Haley Brown
  • Hank Madden, WOKV “Smart Money” radio host
  • Dan Quiggle of Americans for Prosperity

    … and more! There will also be music, entertainment, and the opportunity to show Washington where we stand. Be sure to take part in this truly historic event.